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Tuesday 27 October 2015

North Cyprus holidays

We can consider all things about North Cyprus holidays, and what North Cyprus has to offer as a holiday destination. From the usual cliché statements of untouched beauty, history, culture, great food, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, night life.. what do North Cyprus holidays offer?

Lets first understand North Cyprus, what is it? where is it? Its a country that is made of Turkish Cypriots. They carry the culture of Cyprus and Turkey combined into an exciting amalgamation of local hospitality and  a laid back attitude to the sunny life on the island.

North Cyprus holidays

North Cyprus is in the middle east, and in Europe, a place that has seen many thousands of years of crusaders come and go. its a place that's steeped with history including amazing crusader castles throughout the region.

On the other hand Modern politics has also played a part in setting the scene for tourists, with the trade embargoes imposed on this part of the island, due to the unresolved "Cyprus problem", has meant it has also been protected from ass commercialism and to an extent from capitalism  except for mainly companies that have leap over from turkey to invest in the beautiful island, and some Turkish Cypriot locals, and Turkish Cypriot ex-pats returning back to their homeland. this all sets a unique scene, where your holiday is truly experienced with the locals.

North Cyprus history

Unlike other holiday destinations you wont find yourself herded into a local man-made holiday resort, where you wont see any locals apart from the bar man or the person serving you in your hotel. In North Cyprus your hotels are spread out, and restaurants are frequented by the locals. As it s not a mass tourism destination, many eateries are designed for locals in mind. This makes for excellent food, with an authentic experience and taste.

If its beach clubs you are looking for, these are also wide and varied from the Kyrenia small sandy coves, to the long stretches in Famagusta. Most have a parasol service and also even offer VIP areas on grass if your looking for extra comforts.

With the rise of tourists coming from Turkey to enjoy North Cyprus holidays, there has been a slow and control process of some upmarket bars and casino hotels alongside the traditional outlets and Kyrenia harbour where you will find an emphasis of character and charms from bygone.

North Cyprus with locals

If its nature and wildlife your are interested in then North Cyprus offers a unique experience for birders with a wide variety of breeds emigrating across the island. There are also the Caretta caretta Loggerhead Turtles which choose North Cyprus sandy beaches as their home to lay eggs each year. if the turtles think its amazing place to visit, how can we argue? other natural interests are the wild donkeys that live in Karpaz region in their natural wild habitat, and the blue orchids of North Cyprus, an amazing spectacle in the spring month.

Combine these facts, and much more into a holiday and you will get a unique experience of the Mediterranean of bygone. take it all in, and slow down your pace of life to a locally emphasised Mediterranean pace. Where ever you will visit in Northern Cyprus, for most, there is the guarantee that you will want to return year after year.

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