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Welcome to Holidays 2 North Cyprus your comprehensive guide to holidays in North Cyprus. We blog about our great travel experiences so you can enjoy the best of this destination. Keep up to date with all things related to travel and holidays to North Cyprus. A beautiful holiday destination, there is so much Northern Cyprus offers - read all about it here including resort information such as Kyrenia and Famagusta. We hope you enjoy reading our holiday blog.

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While not exactly a huge place, North Cyprus still feels large through the diverse and intriguing historical sites and natural surroundings to be found within its different areas. The following is provides a summation of what you can expect from each.

Downtown Kyrenia

Downtown Kyrenia is where the life of the party is at when it comes to North Cyprus holidays. It is iconic through its mellow harbour, bobbing with yachts and lit up in warm light thanks to the Kyrenia Castle and nearby shops and eateries. There’s a sociable vibe here through fellow travellers and locals mingling, though also a relaxed ambience cast by the serene surroundings. 

Fascinating architecture such as the Church of Saint George animates the area with a historical presence, while attractions such as the old bazaar: Bandabuliya and Icon Museum are perfect for getting into the spirit of traditional life and educating yourself on North Cyprus’ past.

East Kyrenia

East Kyrenia is most famous for being home to the rare loggerhead and green turtles on Alagadi Beach, along with also having the lavish Korineum Golf and Country Club. A peaceful aura emanates from this part of North Cyprus, and makes it easy to take in the wonders of such prominent sights as the Five Finger Mountain.

West Kyrenia

West Kyrenia is all about the beaches. Whatever your preference in exotic sandy stretches, you’re sure to find it here. From secluded coves to the livelier Escape Beach Club, which has water sports a plenty and facilities such as a cafĂ©. As with everywhere in North Cyprus though, there’s always something fascinating and historical nearby. In the West of Kyrenia this is in the form of the Ancient City of Lambousa and the inspiration behind Disney’s castle in Snow White: St Hilarion Castle.


The gothic architecture of the Bellapais Abbey enhances the poetic atmosphere of this beautiful village, making it feel like the setting of a fairy tale. Beautiful views across the region can be captured from the roof top of the 13th century abbey, while the vibrant green gardens that surround it make the perfect location for a mid day coffee break, where you can embrace the feelings of idleness that Laurence Durrell once wrote of.  


Famagusta is where you’ll find much of North Cyprus’ most famous historical treasures. There’s everything from the St. Nicholas Cathedral and Salamis Ruins to the haunting appearance of the ghost town, Varosha in the distance. Every part of this area tells a story, scattered in artefacts and architecture from those that once walked in the same paths and left their mark.

Not only is the cultural heritage in Famagusta amazing, but it also has some beautiful beaches and exciting wild life through the magnificent Karpas Peninsula.

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