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Welcome to Holidays 2 North Cyprus your comprehensive guide to holidays in North Cyprus. We blog about our great travel experiences so you can enjoy the best of this destination. Keep up to date with all things related to travel and holidays to North Cyprus. A beautiful holiday destination, there is so much Northern Cyprus offers - read all about it here including resort information such as Kyrenia and Famagusta. We hope you enjoy reading our holiday blog.

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South Cyprus and North Cyprus

North Cyprus and South Cyprus Holidays

Cyprus is a beautiful country, with the contrasting characteristics of the North and South making it all the more fascinating. Since the borders opened to the North of Cyprus there has been the opportunity to experience the country as an entirety, tracing its historical narrative across the landscapes and recognising the differing personalities of its various regions.

It’s for this reason that our twin center holidays to South Cyprus and North Cyprus work so well, as they provide the chance to enjoy the livelier and more commercial side to the South along with the quieter and more historical side to the North.

In both areas you’ll find spectacular scenery and coastlines, though also a sense of changing ambience as you travel from one to the other, which will make your holiday all the more diverse and exciting.

Our tailor made twin centre holidays to the north and south of Cyprus are also completely tailor made, meaning that your accommodation, flights and transfers are all arranged for you depending on how long you’d like to stay in each part of the country. In particular the choice in hotels is expansive, and takes into consideration various types of travellers and their requirements. Many of those in South Cyprus will be close to the beach and town centres, putting guests in a prime position for exploring.

The locations we offer for the South of Cyprus include Larnaca, which is actually one of Cyrpus’ oldest cities and therefore has an equal amount of historical sites to compete with its bars and eateries, while Limassol is most definitely for the wine lovers out there as you can bask in the presence of the Amathous ancient Kingdoms and then slip into the evenings with some of the country’s finest alcohol.

There’s also Protaras, which is so peaceful you’d never guess it neighbours the club goers’ paradise of Ayia Napa. In the end the options are yours to choose from, and there’s the added bonus of being able to include any attractions of guided tours with your bookings as well.

A tailor made holiday that includes both South Cyprus and North Cyprus allows you to have the best of both areas in one holiday, keeping your trip full of exciting twists and turns, and seemingly endless amounts of historical culture and magnificent beaches to take in and enjoy.

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