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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Planning a Wedding and Honeymoon in North Cyprus

Your wedding is supposed to be the most romantic day of your life, so where better to have it than amidst the picturesque scenery of North Cyprus? Colourful flora embellishes greenery, historical architecture stills time, while the sea speckles with sunshine in the distance. You can say your vows wrapped in the warmth of the Mediterranean climate and then start your honeymoon straight after. All sounds pretty ideal, you may be thinking, but what about the planning and stress that comes with arranging it all? Well, stop right there. This blog post is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know if hoping to book your wedding, honeymoon, or both in North Cyprus.

Wedding Venues

Some of the most luxurious hotels in North Cyprus provide wedding services. Of these, the spectacular golf and country club that is the Korineum Golf and Beach Resort has to be one of the best. Set amidst a striking mountain range, it offers brides and grooms to be a variety of options. You can choose between getting married on the ‘Velvet Greens’, which are perfectly landscaped gardens that look out over picturesque horizons, the more intimate ‘Olive Bridge’ setting that is surrounded by olive trees, or the ‘Roof Terrace’ that puts your head in the clouds, surrounded by silhouetted mountain ridges and close to touching the stars as night falls. Lastly there’s the ‘Sea-view Putting Green’ where you can see a slither of the sea in the distance that the sunset melts softly into.

Aside from hotels there are many other beautiful locations to get married in North Cyprus. First and foremost: the beaches.

 The Denizkizi beach has golden sands and crystalline waters, making it the ideal paradise like setting for such an occasion. It is also connected to the Denizkizi Hotel, which can once again provide wedding packages for those interested.

L.A Beach is another popular choice for those hoping to say their vows beside the sea, along with the Long Beach. North Cyprus is famous for its historical Kyrenia harbour, which has a wonderfully serene ambience that is lulled by the presence of the Kyrenia Castle in the distance and gently bobbing yachts in the waters. This not only makes a lovely place for evening strolls and dining, but also for weddings. You can marry against a backdrop that is iconic of North Cyprus and stilled in time through its connections to the past.

 If it’s a romantic setting you want though, then there really is no comparison to Bellapais Village. This is an extraordinarily beautiful part of North Cyprus, famous for its Gothic Abbey. This sits amongst manicured gardens, surrounded by sombre skies and feels like a scene right out of a fairy tale.

 For any of your wedding desired, there are many different package deals available to help make the arrangements that much easier. While various hotels offer this, so do specialist tour operators, who can tailor make your wedding so that it meets your every expectation. This takes a lot of pressure off and should allow you to sit back a bit and get excited in the knowledge that your big day is in safe hands.

Honeymoons in North Cyprus

One of the best things about having your wedding in North Cyprus is that your honeymoon can start straight away. Some hotels offer extra deals, like free room upgrades, or special touches like a fruit basket in your room or complimentary bottle of something, for example. This will depend on who you book with and the venue you decide on. Regardless, you’ll find North Cyprus is the perfect place for having a honeymoon that is peaceful, intimate and incredibly romantic.

 The best way to arrange your wedding is through a wedding planner found at a tour operator such as Direct Traveller, so that everything can be organised for you through their packages, taking a great deal of stress away. Such packages can include the wedding cake, entertainment, honeymoon suite, drinks, hair and makeup, decorations, special hotel deals for the other guests, photography, video footage, flowers and venues for the reception and ceremony. The other great thing is they can also book the travel arrangements for you and all of your guests as a one point call..

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