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Tuesday 27 October 2015

North Cyprus holidays

We can consider all things about North Cyprus holidays, and what North Cyprus has to offer as a holiday destination. From the usual cliché statements of untouched beauty, history, culture, great food, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, night life.. what do North Cyprus holidays offer?

Lets first understand North Cyprus, what is it? where is it? Its a country that is made of Turkish Cypriots. They carry the culture of Cyprus and Turkey combined into an exciting amalgamation of local hospitality and  a laid back attitude to the sunny life on the island.

North Cyprus holidays

North Cyprus is in the middle east, and in Europe, a place that has seen many thousands of years of crusaders come and go. its a place that's steeped with history including amazing crusader castles throughout the region.

On the other hand Modern politics has also played a part in setting the scene for tourists, with the trade embargoes imposed on this part of the island, due to the unresolved "Cyprus problem", has meant it has also been protected from ass commercialism and to an extent from capitalism  except for mainly companies that have leap over from turkey to invest in the beautiful island, and some Turkish Cypriot locals, and Turkish Cypriot ex-pats returning back to their homeland. this all sets a unique scene, where your holiday is truly experienced with the locals.

North Cyprus history

Unlike other holiday destinations you wont find yourself herded into a local man-made holiday resort, where you wont see any locals apart from the bar man or the person serving you in your hotel. In North Cyprus your hotels are spread out, and restaurants are frequented by the locals. As it s not a mass tourism destination, many eateries are designed for locals in mind. This makes for excellent food, with an authentic experience and taste.

If its beach clubs you are looking for, these are also wide and varied from the Kyrenia small sandy coves, to the long stretches in Famagusta. Most have a parasol service and also even offer VIP areas on grass if your looking for extra comforts.

With the rise of tourists coming from Turkey to enjoy North Cyprus holidays, there has been a slow and control process of some upmarket bars and casino hotels alongside the traditional outlets and Kyrenia harbour where you will find an emphasis of character and charms from bygone.

North Cyprus with locals

If its nature and wildlife your are interested in then North Cyprus offers a unique experience for birders with a wide variety of breeds emigrating across the island. There are also the Caretta caretta Loggerhead Turtles which choose North Cyprus sandy beaches as their home to lay eggs each year. if the turtles think its amazing place to visit, how can we argue? other natural interests are the wild donkeys that live in Karpaz region in their natural wild habitat, and the blue orchids of North Cyprus, an amazing spectacle in the spring month.

Combine these facts, and much more into a holiday and you will get a unique experience of the Mediterranean of bygone. take it all in, and slow down your pace of life to a locally emphasised Mediterranean pace. Where ever you will visit in Northern Cyprus, for most, there is the guarantee that you will want to return year after year.

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Saturday 1 August 2015

Why people love travelling to North Cyprus in September

The end of July and beginning of August is officially the busiest time of the year to travel for families departing from the UK to sunshine destinations. This busy month means that family hotels are generally full and offer a wide range of services tailored for the family customer throughout many destinations in Europe.

When we look at North Cyprus, although there is a large spike of British travellers visiting at this period, it's nowhere as much as in the month of September.

September is the most popular month for Brits to travel to North Cyprus. As the empty nesters travel, they choose September for the fact that it's slightly cooler than August but yet warm enough to guarantee swimming in the pool and sea. It's also pleasant enough to go sightseeing and enjoy an evening stroll. 

In August, Kyrenia hotels and Famagusta hotels are filled in majority with Turkish travellers and other Europeans. Brits are also taking up some capacity but they tend to save their travels for September unless they are travelling in the school holiday period for family holidays. From the likes of Pia Bella in Kyrenia to Arkin Palm beach in Famagusta, tourists occupying the hotels capacity are mainly Brits in September.

The British tend to choose bed and breakfast hotels as they enjoy venturing out to local restaurants, or go for half board and enjoy a drink out. 

Hotels that are popular tend to get booked up by early March at the latest, and so booking early for these hotels is essential. 

Car hire availability also goes hand-in-hand with this as rooms get booked up, car capacity is also stretched to the limit. To guarantee a good standard of car and availability you will also need to book early for car rentals too.

Popular things to do in September are having a traditional 'brandy Sourz' cocktail drink at Kyrenia harbour, dining Al fresco at many restaurants- favourites include Ambience restaurant, Kybele restaurant and Archway restaurant. Other activities include swimming at local beaches such as Denizkizi beach, Escape beach or Shayna Beach, walking the cobbled streets and souvenir shopping in Kyrenia and Nicosia towns,  visiting the many crusader castles in North Cyprus. 

The fact the weather is so good, means it's suitable for any activities you decide to choose to do. If those are not enough and you really fancy living like a local, then try one of the many parks or beaches that allow barbecues and cook your own kebabs!

If you can't travel in September, then other popular months similar to September are May, June, and October.. These are all popular for those looking to enjoy the weather without the sheer heat of July and August and the cooling breezes of the winter months. 

When do you travel to North Cyprus? It would be interesting to know when, and why you choose this period? 

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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Cheap UK Departure Flights for North Cyprus Holidays

In 2003 the borders between the North and the South of Cyprus opened up and travellers then had the opportunity to visit the island in its entirety, getting to witness the similarities and contrasts in its character and to explore what had previously been shut off from the world. Today, the North is still very much a hidden gem of Europe, with beautiful nature, luxurious beaches, friendly accommodation and plenty of fascinating history. Getting there is much easier too, with a huge range of UK departure airports, flight routes, airlines and times available to choose from.  

How to get a flight to North Cyprus

For North Cyprus holidays there are three airports you can arrive into which include: Larnaca, Paphos, which are south of the border, and Ercan in North Cyprus (via a brief touchdown in Turkey). From Paphos it takes about 140 minutes drive to Famagusta and 150 minutes to Kyrenia. From Larnaca it takes 50 minutes to Famagusta and 90 minutes to Kyrenia. Ercan has the quickest transfer at just 45 minutes to both Famagusta and Kyrenia, though also has the longest flight, which is 6+ hours, while to Larnaca and Paphos it is only 4, equalling out the time it takes to get to there from each route.

The best thing about there being three different ways to get to North Cyprus is that this offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to where you can fly from and the times you can go. Choosing to travel with a specialist tour operator to the destination is a good way to get the fullest range of these available choices.

Total Journey Information

Direct Traveller in particular have been directing holiday goers to the delights of North Cyprus for 11 years, and offer over 220 flight routes from 19 UK airports. This includes all of the major London serving airports, along with others that are scattered around the country, such as Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and much more. This saves travellers a lot of hassle, meaning that chances are they’ll be able to find a flight from an airport near to them. It also provides the opportunity to save some money or to find your ideal time through the flexibility of being able to perhaps change your airport decision and opt for one that has cheaper flights.

How to find the cheapest flights

There’s no sure way to find cheap flights as they are constantly fluctuating, depending on how far in advanced you’re booking, which airline you’re flying with, when you’re going and where you’re going from. Every little detail can make a difference, and so in order to get the cheapest deals on your flights it’s always advisable to be as flexible as you can. Booking ahead of time and also choosing to travel in off peak times (for example, not in July or August) are ways that will ensure you slightly cheaper flight prices.

The cheapest of the routes to North Cyprus is via Larnaca, as this is offered more commercially by many different airlines and airports, with over 120 flight options that provide a larger range of price options to choose from.


There are many flights to North Cyprus via Turkey, or non-stop direct flights to Larnaca. Looking at both, you may find that a flight and transfer package to Larnaca airport (south of the border) will be cheaper than flying to Ercan in North Cyprus. Mainly due to availability with a range of airlines, this gives you a higher chance of finding your flight deals for a good price. 

The inclusion of a transfer also means that you’ll get to enjoy the changing scenery of Cyprus on a relaxing drive all the way to your accommodation.

Do your research, or contact a company such as Direct Traveller who has access to all flights to the island.

Do yo have any tips for travellers looking for cheap flights? let us know below...
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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Planning a Wedding and Honeymoon in North Cyprus

Your wedding is supposed to be the most romantic day of your life, so where better to have it than amidst the picturesque scenery of North Cyprus? Colourful flora embellishes greenery, historical architecture stills time, while the sea speckles with sunshine in the distance. You can say your vows wrapped in the warmth of the Mediterranean climate and then start your honeymoon straight after. All sounds pretty ideal, you may be thinking, but what about the planning and stress that comes with arranging it all? Well, stop right there. This blog post is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know if hoping to book your wedding, honeymoon, or both in North Cyprus.

Wedding Venues

Some of the most luxurious hotels in North Cyprus provide wedding services. Of these, the spectacular golf and country club that is the Korineum Golf and Beach Resort has to be one of the best. Set amidst a striking mountain range, it offers brides and grooms to be a variety of options. You can choose between getting married on the ‘Velvet Greens’, which are perfectly landscaped gardens that look out over picturesque horizons, the more intimate ‘Olive Bridge’ setting that is surrounded by olive trees, or the ‘Roof Terrace’ that puts your head in the clouds, surrounded by silhouetted mountain ridges and close to touching the stars as night falls. Lastly there’s the ‘Sea-view Putting Green’ where you can see a slither of the sea in the distance that the sunset melts softly into.

Aside from hotels there are many other beautiful locations to get married in North Cyprus. First and foremost: the beaches.

 The Denizkizi beach has golden sands and crystalline waters, making it the ideal paradise like setting for such an occasion. It is also connected to the Denizkizi Hotel, which can once again provide wedding packages for those interested.

L.A Beach is another popular choice for those hoping to say their vows beside the sea, along with the Long Beach. North Cyprus is famous for its historical Kyrenia harbour, which has a wonderfully serene ambience that is lulled by the presence of the Kyrenia Castle in the distance and gently bobbing yachts in the waters. This not only makes a lovely place for evening strolls and dining, but also for weddings. You can marry against a backdrop that is iconic of North Cyprus and stilled in time through its connections to the past.

 If it’s a romantic setting you want though, then there really is no comparison to Bellapais Village. This is an extraordinarily beautiful part of North Cyprus, famous for its Gothic Abbey. This sits amongst manicured gardens, surrounded by sombre skies and feels like a scene right out of a fairy tale.

 For any of your wedding desired, there are many different package deals available to help make the arrangements that much easier. While various hotels offer this, so do specialist tour operators, who can tailor make your wedding so that it meets your every expectation. This takes a lot of pressure off and should allow you to sit back a bit and get excited in the knowledge that your big day is in safe hands.

Honeymoons in North Cyprus

One of the best things about having your wedding in North Cyprus is that your honeymoon can start straight away. Some hotels offer extra deals, like free room upgrades, or special touches like a fruit basket in your room or complimentary bottle of something, for example. This will depend on who you book with and the venue you decide on. Regardless, you’ll find North Cyprus is the perfect place for having a honeymoon that is peaceful, intimate and incredibly romantic.

 The best way to arrange your wedding is through a wedding planner found at a tour operator such as Direct Traveller, so that everything can be organised for you through their packages, taking a great deal of stress away. Such packages can include the wedding cake, entertainment, honeymoon suite, drinks, hair and makeup, decorations, special hotel deals for the other guests, photography, video footage, flowers and venues for the reception and ceremony. The other great thing is they can also book the travel arrangements for you and all of your guests as a one point call..

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Monday 24 March 2014

North Cyprus Festivals & Events In 2014

When travelling I always look out for festivals, or events that are taking place in a destination. It’s a perfect way to get an extra bit of taste for the local culture, and have a bit of fun while on holiday... or even on business.

Sometimes it’s also important to look out for these events as they can also have a negative effect on your holidays. Events such as conferences that take up all hotel capacity in a destination can push up prices, and mean you are surrounded with conference goers. Religious events can sometimes mean you are limited to alcohol or certain types of food..

In North Cyprus, religious events dot really effect your holiday experience as during Ramadan for example there is still alcohol served and restaurants re open as normal. However there is the effect of Turkish nationals come in the droves to celebrate the end of the festival. This affects hotel availability and prices during this time.

Below are some festivals and events that make the difference on your holiday.

Olive Products at Zeytinlik Olive Festival

Bellapais Silk Festival (01 May to 31 May 2014)

Silk was once a major export for Cyprus. Famous for its quality silk production, Cyprus used silk and its by products to their maximum effect. Cypriots used silk for sewing and also the chamber like cocoon they were in for handicraft. This festival celebrates this handicraft. Well worth visiting to see some traditional Cypriot examples of cultural heritage at their best. Delightful examples of Cypriot tradition... Perfect to bring home as a souvenir too.

Bellapais International Music Festival (15 May – 22 June 2014

This event has been taking place since 1996. An international event that celebrates music of international origins. Mainly classic music, there is a combination of pianist, Oboe layers, guitarists and bands from all over the world.
Countries that were for example involved in 2013 include Turkey, North Cyprus, Macedonia, Austria, and Italy.

Musicians last year included Gianluca Belfiori Doro (Controtenor), Maurizio Moretti(Piano), The Military Band Of The Turkey, Vasil Atanasov (Oboe), Todor Svetiev(Piano), Elisso Gogibedaschwili (Violin), Regina Chernychko (Piano), Leyla Çolakoğlu (Soprano), Bilgehan Erten  (Violin ), Rüya Taner(Piano), Dinçer  Özer (Percussion), Ahmet  Sönmezler, to name a few.

The event is on a ticket basis, and it is held fin the famous Bellapais refectory with its Gothic architecture. A truly amazing experience, this event is well worth visiting and even timing your holiday for. The music events are spread out over several days and so you are likely to catch a performance while there during this time. 

 Guzelyurt (Morphou) Orange Festival (15 June 2014 - 30 June 2014)

Guzelyurt is the heart of the citrus growing industry in North Cyprus. With acres of fertile land with many citrus fruits including oranges, Satsuma and lemons, citrus fruit (mainly oranges) are very important to the local people.
Before tourism started growing in importance fresh fruit exports were the major income source for the island. The festival celebrates the fruits importance to the locals. Visiting Guzelyurt during this time of the year, you will be able to see local concerts, parades, handicrafts and events taking place. This is a free event and if you are in north Cyprus, well worth a visit for that added flavour on your holiday.

Ramadan Religious Festival in North Cyprus (28 June 2014 - 27 July 2014)

This is a period that Muslims fast during the day. It’s a time to remember those that are in hunger and a time to reflect on this. The period does not really affect your travels itself as in North Cyprus restaurants and bars are still open, with many locals still using these. However it’s worth noting that at the end of this period, many Turks from mainland travel to North Cyprus to celebrate, and hotels get busy, and supplements are charged for staying at these times. On the other hand the may celebrations also bring many Turkish concerts and events, and so give an opportunity for Turkish pop lovers to see their favourite singers.

Music Festivals In North Cyprus

International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival (01 July 2014 - 31 July 2014)

The international Famagusta Art and culture festival is located at the amphitheatre of the ancient Salamis ruins. What a place to be, and an amazing way to really experience what the people of bygone did… well almost, as most events have electricity and amplifiers to suit.

The event hold spectacle to theatre shows, arts, dancing, acrobatics and music events. It brings together the best of culture from around the world showcasing the many different types of performances out there.
The show has been going since 1987, and it aims to make Famagusta the place to be for culture vultures. Music performances include music types including classic music, Acid Jazz, Jazz, Groove, Reggae, world music, Socca and much more. Recent appearances included that of the Wailers, which was of course the band that Bob Marley played with.

North Cyprus Salsa Jam (04 September – 08 September 2014)

This international Salsa event has been holding place in Kyrenia for 9 years. 2014 is not any different, with many enthusiasts and professionals linked to the world of Salsa attending. Why not book your place and get involved…you will need purchase passes to get involved at this event

This year the event is confirmed to have the following dance schools and instructors and DJ’s attending including Palamambo Dance Company from  France, Gosia & Kulpa; Daniel from Poland, Sean Babatunde from UK, Isaia & Sissi From  Italy, Nando & Susie from Colombia & Sweden, Ersin & Hande from Turkey, Miranda & Gintas from Netherlands, Javo Panzo (Aka Dj Kafe) from Canada, Latin Influence from Italy, Engin & Damla from Turkey, Johann & Kenza from France, Sahar Abu from Lebanon, Veronica Lopez from Spain, Crypto Dance Academy from  Turkey, Ministry Of Dance from Cyprus, Tigin & Semra from Cyprus, DJ Saoko from  Venezuela / USA, DJ Virgil from  Netherlands , DJ OJ Salsero from Egypt, DJ Isaia El Profeta from Italy

Folk Dancing

North Cyprus International Music Festival (15 September 2014 - 18 October 2014)

This international event takes place at various locations throughout North Cyprus. It brings together a showcase of different performances. It gives that something different with popular shows including Tango, Flamenco, Choir music, and more.

North Cyprus Musician

North Cyprus Olive Festival (01 October 2014 - 12 October 2014)
The olive festival is showcased in the village of Zeytinlik. The straight translation for this means place of olives. An excellent coincidence or selective location... The latter I think is the right opinion. The event showcases locally produced olives, olive products such as olive bread, olive oil, olive soaps, and more. There is a range of stalls offering the best of local traditions such as handicrafts and local traditional Cypriot foods. There is also live music and folk dancing and other concerts during this period. This is very much worth visiting if you are looking to see the traditional Cyprus. You won’t be disappointed.

North Cyprus is very much an active place for culture, dancing and amazing food. If you time your visit according to the many events you will add that extra bit of excitement to your stay.

Have you been to any events in North Cyprus? Tell us about them.
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Friday 14 March 2014

Is There Internet & WiFi Access In North Cyprus?

If you are worried about connecting to the internet in North Cyprus, don't be. There are many WiFi spots available for you to connect to including public hot-spots and private connections.

Hotels in North Cyprus are moving with the times, and the internet is at the forefront of changes in North Cyprus. There are rare occasions that you cannot find WiFi internet in North Cyprus.

Relax with WiFi in North Cyprus

Most hotels have public WiFi access in the lobby areas. Hotels that have WiFi access in the lobby areas include three star, four star and five star hotels.

WiFi access in the public areas are available at many hotels including The Ship Inn hotel, Malpas Hotel, Oscars Resort, LA hotel, Pia Bella hotel, Colony hotel, Rocks hotel, Palm Beach hotel, Altinkaya hotel to name a few.

There also internet services available in some hotel rooms also such as in limited rooms in the Malpas Hotel, Pia Bella hotel, Rocks hotel, Colony hotel, and many more.

WiFi Internet in Northern Cyprus Hotel Rooms

The internet connections do not stop there. In North Cyprus, wherever you go, you will be greeted by free WiFi. Connecting your smart phone or laptop is easy. Just ask your waiter or barman for the password. Locations with free WiFi on offer are endless and include cafes, restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Kyrenia Venues with free WiFi include Gloria Jeans Coffee, Cacao Patisserie, Shooters Coffee, Ezic Premiere Restaurant, Ezic Peanuts restaurant, Lavazza, Passaport restaurant, Caprice Restaurant and lounge, Leman restaurant, Akpinar patisserie and much more.

Internet WiFi is even available at many of the beach clubs in North Cyprus such as Escape Beach Club and Shayna Beach club.

If these venues are not enough for you, then you can also purchase a data package sim card from Telsim and Turkcell. these cost from £10 to £60 fro a descent amount of data allowance. Just remember to bring your ID.

WiFi Internet Kyrenia Harbour

If all else fails, you can also pop into an internet cafe which are quite economical and come fully equipped with PCs and usually with air-conditioning and printing facilities.

As a conclusion, if you are looking for somewhere to check the football results, check your emails, post your holiday pics to Facebook, view the rainy British weather while enjoying the sunshine, or just browse the internet, you will have plenty of choice.
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Tuesday 4 March 2014

The Wild Donkeys Of North Cyprus

Did you know there are hundreds of wild donkeys living in North Cyprus. Located in the pan handle area of the island, the wild donkeys enjoy a protective environment which is the Karpaz national park. This area is a protected area, with a limited amount of construction being permitted, preserving the natural environment, untouched beaches and natural habitat of the wild donkeys.

Wild Donkeys Saying Hello in North Cyprus

Where Did These Donkeys Come From?
The Donkeys historically are actually from domestic donkeys. They were once important to households and farmers. Each family would have a donkey to help them with agricultural duties, carry stock, olives, carobs, fruit, vegetables to storage, and to traders. Donkeys were once a key mode of transport.

They were left in the 1970s, when the island was divided. As people abandoned them, they were left to fend for themselves in the wild. Over the decades the donkeys grew in numbers in the wild.

How Many Donkeys?
Now there is currently and estimated 500 wild donkeys in Karpaz region. The donkeys were at one point going to be sold of to turkey, however due to pressure from environmentalists and biologists; they were left to enjoy their natural surroundings. Now considered a national heritage, they are protected species.

What Now?
The donkeys still live in this beautiful part of the island. One of the most virgin areas in the Mediterranean, the region is out of bounds for tourism development. However there is small eco villages and house being built. Large complexes are not permitted. However pressure for tourism is continuing, with potential for investment overtaking the occasional guided tours of the area, with various considerations over the years for using this precious land.

I personally glad the land remains untouched as a national asset. An amazing place to visit on all counts, the Karpaz peninsula has scenery unfound elsewhere. Beaches challenge those in the Caribbean let alone the Mediterranean, and the crystal clear waters, and open landscape are just mesmerising.

The Donkeys… well Im sure they are quite happy relaxing under the shade of the olive trees, and enjoying the slow pace of life up in the Northern tip of North Cyprus.
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