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For your North Cyprus holidays, we recommend you book your holidays with Direct Traveller. They are a reputable UK based, ATOL bonded tour operator offering quality tailor-made holidays in North Cyprus with non-stop direct flights to Cyprus.

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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Affordable Luxury Hotels At Their Best

Its that time of year, people are looking for the ultimate holiday getaway, in order to recharge for the entire year. they look to tint the skin with some sunshine and have a feel good factor in the sunshine while connecting with their family or friends.

Well on my search for the ultimate getaway, I came across many holidays and hotels from shanghai, to Nepal, from Rome to Paris. but I wasn’t looking for a luxury city break, I was more so looking for a quaint location that offers luxury while still offering the charms of the destination. I considered Cuba which is infamous for keeping its charms as a location not permitted to develop due to its embargoes. I then came closer afield to Europe and found myself looking at hotels in Cyprus and indeed ended up in North Cyprus.

This part of the world is relatively undiscovered and seemed to be ideal choice for what i was looking for. a luxury getaway, in a 5* hotel with amazing beaches, amazing views and great local hospitality. North Cyprus had all this to offer, as again this country has been un der trade embargoes for decades, it meant it was also protected from rapid growth from capitalism (although i enjoy capitalism, sometimes it has its negative points). It was protected as a tourism destination and allowed to saviour what Cyprus had offered tourist over 30 years ago. It has amazing beaches that are matching the Caribbean, amazing history with its crusader castles, amazing views with the mountains, and great local hospitality and cuisine.

This is also a non-euro destination what means there is more affordability to the luxury while you are on holiday too.

I researched some hotels and holidays and short-listed a couple from Direct Traveller. A specialist tour operator o North Cyprus from the UK. A reputable company, they have won many awards and even from the Sunday Times Newspaper, and Virgin Group. so this was a trusted company in a not so well known tourism destination.

The two hotels i shortlisted were:

1. Luxury 5* Malpas hotel and Spa

Malpas hotel in Kyrenia is a luxury 5* complex in the foothills of Kyrenia. It offers multiple rooms with quality accommodation and facilities. Including amazing views of the Kyrenia shoreline and mountain range.

This hotel has free half board throughout summer 2015 and 2016

 2. Luxury 5* Palm Beach Hotel

Palm beach hotel in Famagusta is a newly re-opened 5* hotel. completely revamped by its new owners, the hotel offers ultimate in luxury in the Med. Set on its own private sandy beach, it offers luxury beach holidays with a difference. Next to the ghost town of Famagusta, the ambience set around the hotel is non found elsewhere. some things are priceless and for this hotel, its the infamous beach sunset that comes about each evening at 7.45pm. offering a long and un-interrupted view of the dusk.

This hotel has free half board throughout summer 2015 and possibly 2016

Both of these hotels are amazing romantic locations with luxury offerings, at great value for money.

Direct Traveller has a sale on also, with further discounts of up to 40% off their brochure prices. Visit their website for full details on what’s on offer.

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